The Alchemy of Perfection

The Gemporium Experience - Peerless Precision meets Polished Purity



If stones could speak, then the finest jewels would be the perfected symphonies of vibrational eloquence. To this passionate understanding of Mother Nature’s finest work, Gemporium remains astute.

Para Jyotish – beyond the mundane.


In October of 1991 the Diamond High Council came to Toronto for a very special event. This all day affair was hosted at the Sutton Place Hotel and Michael Seegers was invited to attend. What became a highlight in Mr. Seegers’ career as a Diamond and Gem Dealer was the bestowal of the prestigious Honorary Title of “Antwerp Diamond Ambassador”. This one event led to an invitation to Belgium and a week spent visiting the most prominent Diamond Dealers in Antwerp.

Mr Seegers now maintains established relationships with key producers in Europe, South America and Asia.


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